Man Gave Names To All The Animals (June 13 & August 23, 1989)

These are two of only three outings of this song in 1989, each with a different take on a newly featured giraffe verse. The final performance of the year was performed just a few days after these but the giraffe simply didn’t make the cut. The original version from the Slow Train Coming album named several animals, including a bear, a cow, a bull, a pig, and a sheep, but no giraffe.

Well, he saw an animal up walkin’ all alone
Great big neck and approachin’ out the day
It looked like his neck was goin’ for a mile and a half
“Ah, I think I’ll call it a giraffe”

He saw an animal out to stay
Walking fifty miles away on a different day
That baby tried, and he tried to laugh
“Ah, I think I’ll call it a giraffe”


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